Platform Update


Our upgrades are complete, and we continue to monitor for stability. If you have any trouble with your status page, do not hesitate to contact us at, or via our live chat.

If you’d like more information on the new Multipaged Accounts feature, please read our knowledge base.


Systems are back online and have been running normally for some time now. Web servers are now back online, and the site should be normally accessible. Please reach out if you notice issues with your page.


Data migrations are still ongoing, and are taking slightly longer than expected. Please wait while we complete this process. We expect completion of this phase shortly.


We have now begun the downtime portion of our upgrade while we migrate data. Please wait while we complete this process. We expect it to take no more than 30 minutes. We will update once this phase is complete, or if things are taking longer than expected.

Maintenance Planned

This Friday (2020-01-10), Hund will be releasing a platform update. Expect a short period of downtime during this release (estimated 10-30min) while we migrate data and replace our load balancer. An update will be posted to this issue prior to taking the platform down for the migration. After migration, services will be restored to normal working order for the remainder of the update.

Multipaged Accounts

Your Hund account can now maintain multiple status pages at once. Upon creating a second page, each status page will have its own dashboard; plus, a new “Global Dashboard” will become available on your account, allowing you to set global settings (including Design and Privacy Control settings) across your various status pages. Any status page can override the global defaults for quick customization of new pages.

Status pages can also share components (as well as issues through components), so that multiple status pages can react to the same events on your components without duplicating them. Users are shared globally across status pages to reduce need for multiple credentials, but roles can be used to control users’ access to various status pages on your account. Status pages also share the same SSO configuration, so multiple instances of the upgrade are no longer necessary to establish SSO across all your pages.

Furthermore, billing can now be delegated to individual status pages (e.g. for situations where you create status pages on behalf of others, but would like them to pay the charges incurred).

Note: if you already have multiple pages with us, and would like to merge these under a single account, please let us know at!

Other Changes

  • Various backend stability improvements.
  • Billing overhauled for better invoices, now generated automatically and hosted by Stripe.
  • Notifiers can now exclude components as part of their notification preferences. For notifiers with subscriptions (e.g. Email, Push, SMS, etc.), these settings merely act as defaults for new subscriptions. For notifiers that are unsubscribable (e.g. Twitter), these settings control the notifier’s notifications directly.
  • The Scheduled Issues: Fire Creation Event if Upcoming Within status page setting has been removed. This setting was often a point of confusion. Now, when a scheduled issue is first created, it always emits its own creation subevent: scheduled_issue_created. Users who do not wish to listen for the creation of scheduled issues (but may still be interested in issue creations in general) can now simply omit this event type from their notification preferences. This does not affect the behavior of the scheduled issue upcoming/started/ended events.
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