Platform Update


The platform update is complete. We continue to monitor for stability.


Today (2018-10-25), Hund will be releasing a platform update. Services will continue to function throughout this release.

Default user notification preferences

Status pages can now specify the default notification preferences for newly created users. This is particularly useful for those with many components. These settings are available under the “User Notifications” section of the Settings page.

Group descriptions and description Markdown support

Groups now support descriptions, so that you can describe what components the group consists of. Along with this, both group descriptions and component descriptions now support Markdown.

Brazilian Portuguese

Hund now supports Brazilian Portuguese as a language for status pages.

Other Changes

  • Improved UX for component notification preferences selection.
  • Improved performance of atom feeds.
  • Corrected deletion of related issues upon component deletion.
  • Many JavaScript errors related to third-parties have been addressed.