Platform Update


The platform update is complete. We continue to monitor for stability.

Maintenance Planned

This Thursday (2018-03-01), Hund will be releasing a platform update. Services will continue to function throughout this release.

Issue and Update Previews

A preview is now shown when creating new issues or updates to issues. These preview pages display what the issue or update will look like while providing you with insight into how many team members will be notified, how many subscribers for each notifier will be notified, the type of notification to be sent, and schedule information if an issue is scheduled.

History Performance Improvements

History sections now update immediately upon changes (e.g. resolved issues, ended scheduled issues, or resolved outages).

Improved Subscription Preferences Flexibility

Subscribers now have greater control over events that they’re notified of. Specifically, subscribers can now opt-out of a descendant event while remaining opted into the superevent (e.g. opting out of issue postmortems or issue resolutions while still opting into issue updates).

Subscription Spam Protection

We are introducing experimental bot protection on subscription forms. This bot protection is human-friendly and requires no interaction on the user’s part. This aims to prevent automated subscriptions to your status page.

Other Changes

  • Notifiers can now be disabled and re-enabled.
  • Subscriptions can now be created via the dashboard.
  • Scheduled issues can now easily be ended from issue overview pages.
  • Subscriber preferences now support postmortem events.
  • Incidents reported graphs now update when history is altered.
  • User notifications now respect issue priorities.
  • Fixes creation of issue templates with only a title or body.
  • Fixes broadcasting of new scheduled issues to subscribers.
  • Fixes dashboard menu from prematurely closing on mobile devices.
  • Fixes percentage inputs on Hund native monitoring metric providers.
  • Fixes hiding of mobile menu icon when there are no menu items.