Platform Update


The platform update is complete.


This Tuesday (2018-01-30), Hund will be releasing a platform and native monitoring update. Services will continue to function throughout this release.

TCP/UDP Monitoring

Hund’s native monitoring will receive an update which adds support for both TCP and UDP checks. Both checks support sending custom data and assertions for responses.

TCP checks can provide several useful metrics:

  1. Response Time
  2. TCP Connection Time
  3. Initial Response Time
  4. Initial Response Transfer Time
  5. Request Transfer Time
  6. Request Response Time
  7. Request Response Transfer Time
  8. Disconnection Time
  9. Total Elapsed Time

UDP checks provide the following metrics:

  1. Response Time
  2. Response Transfer Time
  3. Total Elapsed Time

Component Context Expansion

It’s now possible to include group context for referenced components for individual notifiers and team notifications. This is particularly useful if your status page has similarly named components across several groups.

Other Changes

  • Improved monochrome brand badge uploader.
2 Affected Services: