Software Update


Certmanager has been updated to resolve this issue.

Hund will be improving monitoring of issued certificates to proactively ensure that they are reloaded before expiry as expected.

If you have any questions please email us: support@hund.io


Over the past week, two customers encountered invalid certificates on their status pages. One certificate was replaced with the appropriate certificate within minutes by Hund, and the other reissued by the affected party. After an investigation, we have identified an error in our Certmanager logic which prevented renewed certificates from being reloaded across web servers.

This issue has only recently come to surface as it required a lapse in time between the newly issued certificate and the old certificate’s expiry in which another certificate wasn’t issued by Hund. We have confirmed that all custom domains are presently using their most recently issued certificate.

We will momentarily roll out an update to the Certmanager software to rectify this issue.